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 2024 Summer Swim Lessons

Swimming Trainer with Students


06/24 - 08/15

Lessons are 1 week sessions (M-Th), in 1/2 hour increments starting at 12:05pm, 12:35pm & 1:05pm. You may sign up for multiple weeks


$60 per session

Cute Toddler in Pool


06/22 - 08/10


Lessons are 1 week sessions, in 1/2 hour increments starting at 12pm, 12:30pm, and 1pm


$15 per session

Class Descriptions 

Seal - This class may be your child’s first experience in the water without the assistance of mom or dad. Your swimmer must be willing/able to leave the parent/guardian and participate in the swim lessons. In this class, we strive to teach your children that swimming is exciting and fun, while implementing introductory swimming skills that will lead to your child becoming a great swimmer. Introductory swimming skills include: learning how to float and kick on their front and back, and submerge their face/head. (Advances to Dolphins)

Dolphins - Dolphins are swimmers who are new or relatively new to swimming and have minimal previous water experience. Swimmers must know how to float and streamline kick on their front/back, as well as be able to do backstroke (assisted).

In this class, we teach swimmers to feel comfortable in the water, while introducing new techniques such as how to roll over and change direction in the water, freestyle (with side breathing), underwater swimming, including opening eyes underwater and picking up submerged items. This class aims to introduce swimmers to freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke (Advances to Manta Rays)

Manta Rays - Manta Rays are swimmers who are able to swim freestyle and backstroke the full width of the pool. In this class, swimmers will strengthen freestyle, backstroke, and underwater swimming skills. Plus, the strengthening of swimming breaststroke and butterfly, treading water, and diving into deep water. The goal is to teach your swimmer to the rest of the four competitive swimming strokes and to ensure that s/he is safe while in the water. (Private Lessons are recommended after Mantas, email for more info).

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