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General info


  • The Fitness Center is  available from 5am - 10pm each day of the week

  • No Reservations are required for the Fitness Center, but please sign in at the front desk, this includes any guests

  • Members who are 13 - 15 may use the Fitness Center as long as they are accompanied by an adult from their household

  •  Members who are 16 - 17 are is currently able to use the Fitness Center

  • Members under the age of 13 may not use the fitness or cardio room(s)

Fitness Center

Gym Equipments
MSC gym.jpg

Strength Circuit Class

Tuesdays 9:30-10:30 a.m.


All levels class for new, returning, or even advanced participants.  After a guided warm up, exercisers will rotate among 5-10 strength stations using modalities such as body weight, dumbbells, bands, kettlebells, barbells, squat rack, TRX and cardio equipment.  Every workout is unique and designed for exercisers to choose their own intensity based on experience, goals and level of conditioning.  Work and rest intervals are timed. Regressions and progressions at every station.

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