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Personal Trainer Stretching Session
Cardio, Strength & More! 
Beginning Monday, September 16 - Wednesday December 18
Monday only classes ~ $120
Wednesday only classes ~ $130 (1 extra class)
Both M/W ~ $250
You may "DROP IN" to any class for a $12 "drop in" fee
This class will be focused on working all the muscle groups for endurance, strength and flexibility. The exercises can be modified for your fitness level. Come and wake up your mind and body!

  Definitive Strength Training

Definitive Strength Training is a full body strength-training program for all ages and levels of fitness.

The program applies multi-joint exercises that correlate to real life and sports.

This develops balanced strength in legs, core, back, shoulders and arms.


You may pick the Date & Time for your sessions and manage them online.


Your Training Coach for the Program: 

Brent Jordan

American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

and former Competitive Power Lifter


Not sure if this is for you? Give it a try! 

Your first Training Session is complimentary