MSC Dive Team
Fall 2021
Sundays from 11am - 12pm

Subject to change based on

COVID 19 guidelines 


The Dive Program is a developmental program with a focus on Fun for Ages 5 and up who can swim at least 25 meters (length of the pool) freestyle. The program’s purpose is to introduce individuals to the sport of springboard diving in a fun and safe way and develop their skills and confidence. 


Our Fall Dive program begins Sunday, September 26th and ends Sunday, October 31st.  MSC Dive is a member of the Midlakes League and AAU diving programs.  





Participation Fee $12 per practice per diver plus one time $16 AAU Fee

Coached practices, all meets and Midlakes Swim League Membership with insurance.

To register for AAU please click on the JOIN AAU button to the RIGHT.​

AAU Code is W34AB4

Hold Harmless Agreement

Risk of Injury

Concussion Information Sheet